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Ostension - A Hallowe'en Tale by Alastair Chadwin

Blood Hunt by C G Allan

‘Company Man…’ by Gideon Lawrence

‘If I Could Just Stop You…’ by Alastair Chadwin

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Good day and welcome to Spring Heeled Jack, a new site to encourage and publish weird fiction and other items of interest for the delectation of the connoisseur.

It is our intention to publish a short story, serial episode or article every week, the site being updated on Thursday evenings.

We begin with the first instalment of the serial The Fernal Files, a tale of evil and moral decay by site co-founder Alastair Chadwin which will be published at weekly intervals over the next thirteen (of coarse) weeks.

Also presented today is the short story A Thirst for Knowledge, by site co-founder C G Allan.

If you are interested in submitting a story or article, please go to the submissions button where your guidelines await you. We are interested in original fiction, extracts from longer works, poetry, articles, reviews, illustrations and art.

Please note that copyright for all material on this site remains with the original authors and any unauthorised copying will lead to the offending villain being subjected to undying pursuit by the chthonic demons of the nether pits whose very names induce screaming insanity and who never cease in their chase to the very grave itself and thence beyond.

So enter of your own free will and tread warily.